Omnisend Email Marketing


Craft eye-catching, brand-consistent campaigns

The appearance of your emails speaks volumes about your brand. With Omnisend's template library, you can effortlessly design professional and stunning emails in minutes, even without an in-house designer.

Customize each template to match your brand and reuse them for future campaigns. If you manage multiple stores, share your saved templates across connected stores to save valuable time.


Effortlessly create shoppable emails

As an ecommerce business, you require more than generic email newsletters.

Our user-friendly Email Builder with drag & drop functionality streamlines the creation of campaigns featuring dynamic content blocks tailored specifically for ecommerce.


Level up from one-size-fits-all

Segmentation can boost your conversion rates by over 60%, so why miss out on potential revenue?

Utilize customers' profile data, shopping history, and various filters to create audience segments that can be included or excluded from your campaign targeting.


Track and optimize performance

Monitor your campaigns' effectiveness with accurate sales tracking and attribution.

Gain insights into your audience's engagement with your emails, track the sales generated by each campaign, and easily identify top-performers.

Embrace Omnisend

Email Campaigns

Ideal for captivating visual content, promoting new products, and showcasing special offers.

SMS Campaigns

Perfect for time-sensitive, personalized offers and creating a sense of urgency.

Push Notification Campaigns

Ideal for concise, highly-targeted messages and retargeting shoppers.

Create stunning, personalized
email campaigns in
a breeze