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Easy migration from Mailchimp or Klaviyo

Boost your sales effortlessly with an ecommerce-focused email & SMS marketing automation. Worried about migration?

Omnisend tools and support ensure a seamless transition.

Propel sales.
Leave frustrations behind.

An exclusive ecommerce marketing automation platform, designed to unleash your growth potential,
empowering your brand with a comprehensive set of features that drive success.

Seamlessly Connect Your Store

Omnisend seamlessly integrates with leading ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more, enabling effortless tracking and utilization of your store and customer data.

Automate Ecommerce Workflows

Effortlessly activate our pre-configured workflows for cart abandonment, new subscribers, post-purchase follow-ups, and beyond, witnessing remarkable revenue growth.

Segment As You Please

Categorize your customers according to their shopping behavior and other properties, allowing you to create highly relevant emails and texts tailored to their preferences.

Get started swiftly within 30 minutes

Get started swiftly within 30 minutes

With Omnisend, effortlessly sync your contacts' data, including properties, tags, segments, and engagement stats - no manual exports and imports needed.

Quick Automation Setup

Quick Automation Setup

In just minutes, activate pre-built workflows tailored to your requirements, ensuring your automations are up and running smoothly. Ready to take your business to new heights!

Migration Assistance

Our round-the-clock live support has all the answers to ensure a seamless migration process. For eligible customers, personalized onboarding and dedicated migration support are also available.

Ready to switch?

Effortlessly transfer your contacts, orders, products, and carts, and begin sending emails and SMS today.


Unleash More Opportunities With Lower Prices

Think Mailchimp is more cost-effective? Let's break it down:

► For 6,000 emails, Omnisend costs less

► With Omnisend, you get all the features you need at a better price

► To enjoy unlimited emails and SMS, Omnisend is much more affordable

Plus, keep in mind: Mailchimp increased prices twice in the last 12 months. Are you ready for the next hike?


Pay Less For Better Features

Omnisend provides superior features compared to Klaviyo, at a more affordable rate for both small and large merchants. For instance, with just $25/month on Omnisend, you can send 18,000 emails to 1,500 contacts, while on Klaviyo, you'd have to pay $20 more for 3,000 fewer emails.

If you have 90,000 contacts, Omnisend offers unlimited emails at only $1,050/month, whereas Klaviyo will charge you an extra $500 with email limitations.

Don't miss out on potential revenue. Make the switch to Omnisend now.

Join for free and receive up to 60 SMS credits to test SMS marketing for your store.